1st snapshots & videos sale heifers GERMAN MASTER SALE!

Just two days until the German Masters Sale ONLINE TAG+ Sale will start on Friday, October the 22th 2021 (Fließem, Germany - online through www.farmersbid.com). The quality in this year's sale is incredible! Here is the first part of snapshot pictures and videos available of the sale heifers!

German Masters Sale (LIVE SALE)
October 22, 2021 
Fließem, Germany
Bidding through Farmersbid: CLICK HERE 

1st snapshot & videos - more pictures wil follow until the sale:

Lot 1. Hellender Therese

Lot 4. Budjon Denver Daisy

Lot 5. Lis Osetta

Lot 8. Milksource Annelise

Lot 10. SH Mirand O'Kity Red

Lot 14. Mattenhof Tatoo Haisha VG-85-CH 2yr.


Lot 15. MS Arrow Gala


Lot 16. Mattenhof Unix Giana VG-86-DE 2yr

Lot 20. PrismaGen Polled Parade PP *RC


Lot 40. NH DG Lambda Zoey


Lot 42. Destiny HAM Lazise *RC


Lot 44. SH Cookie Red

Lot 45. Milksource Tyler Red


Lot 58. HET SC Charlene VG-86-DE 2yr. 


Lot 61. RN Logistics Tahaya

Lot 62. MS Ladina

Lot 63. HSG Lots of Love


Lot 64. Budjon Sidekick Baywatch


Lot 66. Loh TJ NH Anna *RC

Lot 71. WIT Daiquiri

Lot 72. BWN Moovin Manon *RC

Lot 73. HAM Hot Girl *RC

Lot 73. NH Evolution Sunshine Red P

Lot 76. PH Money Riley Red

Lot 77. Eaton Glamourview Lynn *RC

Lot 84. BuLa Gladius Parade P *RC

Lot 85. PrismaGen Glad to be Polled P


Lot 96. NH Evolution Moncleur

Lot 102. Pine-Tree Easy Rider


Lot 106. NH Lambda Bonacera 

Lot 111. Eatonholme Beyonce *RC

Lot 115. THI Gabriella Red

Lot 117. Regan-Danhof Cash Cow


Lot 126. NH DG America P

Lot 136A. Hellender Denver Oakly


Lot 136B. Hellender Denver Olivia

Lot 133. SH Sidekick Salta


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