22. Oktober 2021 The FINAL SALE UPDATE of the German Masters Sale is now ONLINE available!! This SALE UPDATE also includes the embryo contracts of the great lots selling in the German Masters Sale 'LIVE SALE'. Click further to view the complete sale update.   Mehr lesen

Lot 43. Mox Bellissimo Red

22. Oktober 2021 IT'S THE BIG DAY! Today starts the German Masters Sale 'LIVE SALE' at 6 p.m. in Fließem, Germany (Online through  www.farmersbid.com). Here is the third part of snapshot pictures available of the sale heifers! The quality in this year's sale is fantastic! Clik here for more pictures.    Mehr lesen

22. Oktober 2021 Today at 18:00 (8:00 p.m.) starts one of the most exciting sales in Europe: the 8th editon of the German Masters Sale. For those who can't attend the sale there is an option to follow the sale live and place bids through Farmersbid: auction.germanmasterssale.com. Click further for more info.   Mehr lesen

Lot 41. Liddlehome Livorno Red

21. Oktober 2021 Only one more dat until the German Masters Sale 'LIVE SALE' which will start on Friday, October the 22th, 2021 (Fließem, Germany - online through www.farmersbid.com). The quality in this year's sale is incredible! Here is the second part of snapshot pictures available of te sale heifers! Click further for the pictures and videos.    Mehr lesen

Lot 38. NH DG Zamara

21. Oktober 2021 In the German Masters Sale 2021 will sell a super group of 2yr. Olds and fresh cows!! Only the very best is selling. A video has been made of these great cows selling. Take your chance tomorrow evening at the German Masters Sale 2021 returning as LIVE SALE. Click further for the video.   Mehr lesen

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USA | Top 50 GTPI Heifers (>9 Months) - 08/21

August 2021
1ISOLABELLA INSEME EMBLEMANacash x Granite x Rubicon2987
2HODEU000956066787Heroic x Dynamo x Supershot2986
3SUAMISubzero x King Doc x Jedi2978
4K&L OH MELANIEChallenger x Granite x Rubicon2968
5WILDER 60380Aristocrat x Charl x Salvatore *RC2958
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