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AGH Du Bon Vent Atacama Jessica VG-85-DE La1

(Windbrook x Sid x Goldwyn)

Incredible 2yr. old from Atacama!


Nosbisch Holsteins
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Reg No.



November 2, 2014

Production Records

2/2La 305d 9.310kgM 4.4% 411F 3.6% 336P
HL2 305d 10.161kgM 4.5% 453F 3.6% 362P


86 86 86 85 / VG-85-DE La1


  • Great sire stack: WINDBROOK x SID x GOLDWYN x STORMATIC
  • One of the very few members of this special cow family
  • Going back on the amazing Du Bon Vent Stormatic Atacama EX-95
  • Atacama was 2 x Res. Grand Champion at the Swiss Expo in Lausanne!!
  • Atacama was GRAND CHAMPION at the Swiss National Show: Expo Bulle 2012!
  • Atacame is one of the greatest show cows of her generation!
  • Owned with J. Henneke


NH GC Jolie (D.O.B. February 2018)
(s. Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP)


Du Bon Vent Sid Graal VG-89-FR
2.04 382d 9.467kgM 4.3% 404F 3.3% 313P
  • Incredible Sid grand dtr of ATACAMA!!!
  • VG-89-CH EX-93-MS full sister
  • 1st & Best Udder Ohhh La Vache '14 (FR)
Pine-Tree SID-ET
Du Bon Vent Emblematic EX-91-CH 4E
2.03 305d 8.675kgM 3.6% 315F 3.2% 280P
3.04 258d 9.174kgM 3.6% 328F 3.0% 272P
4.03 305d 10.005kgM 3.8% 397F 3.1% 318P
5.03 305d 11.225kgM 3.6% 401F 3.2% 363P
  • EX-91-CH 4E cow!!
  • Owned by the Juncker family from Switzerland
  • Sire: Braedale GOLDWYN
Braedale GOLDWYN
Du Bon Vent Stormatic Atacama EX-95-CH 2E
2.04 305d 9.746kgM 3.5% 345F 3.1% 303P
3.10 305d 13.247kgM 3.3% 442F 3.0% 392P
5.02 305d 16.653kgM 3.2% 527F 3.0% 495P
Lifetime: 64.797kgM 3.4%F 3.1%P
  • Grand Champion National Expo Bulle 2012
  • Res. Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2011 & 2012
  • Res. Grand Champion Junior Bulle Expo 2009
  • One of the greatest show cows in Europe of her generation!

Next Dams

4th Du Bon Vent Tabqa EX-90-FR
5th Never VG-89-FR

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