Highest daughter from Jabir & Jetset's sister sells

Coyne-Farms Ravish Jody, owned by Gaec Du Bontemps, is the #1 GTPI Ravish-daughter in the breed. At the moment she has a lot of attention because of her brothers Coyne-Farms Jetset (GTPI +2501) and Coyne-Farms Jabir (GTPI +2531). Her highest Genomic tested daughter is sired by Cashcoin and has +2399 GTPI / +3476 DGV-LPI. BTE-Marcy Jody Celestial-ET will sell next week in the Sale of Stars as lot 66.



BTE-Marcy Jody Celestial-ET
10/13 US GTPI +2399 / NM 811 / PTAT +2.55
10/13 CA DGV-LPI +3476 / Conf. +10 / Herd Life +113

Her dam is a maternal sister to the popular bulls Coyne-Farms Jetset (GTPI +2501) and Coyne-Farms Jabir (GTPI +2531)

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