Jacuzzi son Delta Endles again the #1 in the Netherlands

The Jacuzzi-Red son Delta Endless is again the number 1 NVI genomic sire this April 2021 proof at +390 NVI. In second follows RBB Crowntown at +367 NVI followed by Rioaveso, Delta Wake Up, Delta Powerlift, Theodor, Hul-Stein Shauna P *RC (+351 NVI). Topping the daugher proven Interbull list is VH Bube Bernell at +322 NVI and 259 daughters. At the throne in the R&W genomic sire list is the polled Jacko P son Delta Taskforce P-Red at +366 NVI. In the daughter proven R&W sire list is either again Delta Booking-Red the chart topper at +258 NVI with 145 daughters. Followed by Schreur Apoll-P at +257 NVI and 199 miling daughters. Click further for the complete Dutch rankings.

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