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NH Bizou VG-89-DE

(Iota x Airraid)

Grand daughter of Ord Bizou VG-88


Nosbisch Holsteins
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Reg No.



November 13, 2011


VG-89-DE La3

Genomic Result

US 08/19 GTPI +1853 / NM $ 154 / PTAT +1.48 [ Details ]


  • Maternal sister to DKR Belone who was 2nd at the Nat. Heifer Show SIA 2011
  • Dam is maternal sister to DKR Britny VG-87-FR 2yr. one of the very best Jeeves strs in the World
  • Grand dam was 4th at the SPACE 2011
  • Grand dam has several sons in AI and her embryos have been exported to Japan
  • Grand dam her Man-O-Man dtr sold for €9,000 in the Vente Drakkar '10


Regancrest AltaIOTA-ET
DKR Bianca VG-85-FR VG-87 MS 2yr.
305d 7.845kgM 4.2% 329F 3.4% 267P
  • Maternal sister to DKR Britny VG-87-FR 2yr. one of the very best Jeeves dtrs in the World
Ord Bizou EX-90-FR
2.01 305d 9.283kgM 3.5% 323F 3.2% 296P
5.04 305d 10.325kgM 3.5% 366F 3.2% 331P
  • Several sons in AI
  • Embryos exported to Japan
  • 4th SPACE 2011
  • Her Man-O-Man daughter sold for €9,000 in the Vente Drakkar 2010 & Was 2nd at the SIMA Paris '11
Ord Rieke VG-85-FR
2.05 305d 10.473kgM 2.9% 303F 3.1% 327P
  • Sons in AI

Next Dams

4th Noel VG-85
5th Jolieke VG-85
6th Honelieke VG-89 2yr.
7th Valin Mieke 95

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