Solide proof for Gen GOODLIFE in France!

Gen GOODLIFE has a solid proof in France at +211 ISU and +64 INEL. Topping the overall ISU list is Bali son BENDER at +222 ISU with +50 INEL. In second follows Ramses *RC at +221 ISU. The stage is made complete by Pinkfloyd at +217 ISU and +54 INEL. Click further for the complete top ranking ISU bulls.

Gen Goodlife // CLICK HERE for his German index
Gordon x DG Bretagne (s. Missouri) x DKR Bianca GP-NL (s. Smurf) x VG-86 Garrett x Baviere VG-87 EX-MS x VG-86 x EX-90

''Gen Goodlife, the famous Gordon son from DG Bretagne remains solid in the European Index Systems. With a top place in France and in the top ten in Poland (December 2020) he is a bull that has certainly something to offer. Also in the Italian rankings he is among the highest bulls available. Being a Gordon out of a Missouri out of a Smurf and then good old Bavier VG-87. He also offers fresh blood. The bull is completely Mogul free what makes him quite unique in todays top genomic bulls!''

Complete French ranking:

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