Topshot #2 dtr proven RZG bull B&W and Captain #4 gRZG @ RZG 165

A solide April 2021 proof for Cogent Supershot son Topshot at +165 RZG with >6.100 daughters. Topping the daughter proven sire list is Semino (s. Silver) at +159 RZG. Either Supershot son Moonglow follows in second with +157 RZG and >1.800 daughters. The #1 RZG genomic sire is Broeks Freemax son Foreman at +171 RZG!! In second follows Eldorado son Mahomes at +167 RZG. Either in the top five we find the former #1: Captain at +165 RZG (shared 4th spot). Remarkable is the #1 R&W daughter proven bull in Germany: Effektiv (s. Effort) at +145 RZG. The #1 RZG Red & White genomic sire is OH DG Rubels-Red son Flight-Red at +165 RZG. Click further for the complete German rankings.

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